Drawing challenges by Tangomi #7 : Bad Omen

Practicing, Improving while trying different ways to represent the same thing

Everytime one of us two decides on a theme and we both try to draw what it evoques to us.

#7 Bad omen

ThatRestlessPlatypus : Honestly, even if I was the one to choose the subject it didn’t inspire me much. Actually it did, I remember being in the car and think about it : I had something ambitious in mind. And then i forgot and I didn’t found the time… This one isn’t even an attempt at practicing different things, it’s just lack of time and effort. The worst part is that I’m supposed to be good at drawing bones, especially skulls, but look at this magnificence right here, Naomi just putted me to shame on this one.

By Naomi
By Naomi
By ThatRestlessPlatypus
By ThatRestlessPlatypus

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