Satires incoming : #JeSuisCharlie

Some time ago a friend and I talked about doing some satires together. At the time I did not think it would present any interest as there are already many things published that are better than my ideas or drawings.
And then the attack on Charlie Hebdo happened.

I often criticize the fact that most people don’t care about anything unless it get close to them and that, then, they only care as long they feel part of something or as long they get something from it. I this case I might seem to have done the same thing but this attack really struck me. I’ve grown with Charlie Hebdo and drawings by Cabu, Charb or Wolinski and in fact I already was Charlie because I really believe that it is possible to laugh about anything. Not only that but I also think that it’s needed to exorcise the power horrifing things have on us.

When we laugh about those horror we see, when we turn an ignoble situation in ridicule or when we make a fool of a vile figure, to me, it deprives them the power to inspire fear and respect, it shows how stupid, unnatural or absurde they are. And honestly imagine how happy any dictator would be to know that decades after we are still so afraid of them that we can’t make jokes about them…

Anyway, all of this just to say that when I saw the catch phrase #JeSuisCharlie, how people used it and what politics tried to do with it I found it to be dishonest and petty because to me #JeSuisCharlie means being able to laugh about anything, to criticize and to say something dumb just for the sake of showing its absurdity and then let people think about it themselves. Being Charlie is not about telling what is right or wrong, it is not about having the moral high ground, it is not about telling people what to do or what to think and it is certainly not about passing laws to punish people when they think in a different way.

To be Charlie is not to be afraid to say something dumb to make people think about something even dumber. Well that my opinion anyway.

So in memory of this horror I tried to be constructive about it : I decided to draw satires sometimes when I see something I find shocking. I’ve already done some and you’ll see them arrive shortly.


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