Drawing challenges by Tangomiva #6 : Insectoïds

Every time, 1 new compulsory theme, 3 mindsets, 3 ways to show it.

Drawings done by Eva, Naomi and ThatRestlessPlatypus.

#6 : Insectoïds

Eva: I wanted to represent my fascination/repulsion relation with insects.

Naomi : I fuckin’ hate insects

ThatRestlessPlatypus : I like insects, I like technology. We often depict a link between them like when nano-robots are shown as very small insects. this inspires me. I was thinking about something similar when I chose this theme : Something about miniaturization and insects being transformed and used as small devices for different tasks. That would be awesome… or awful.

By Naomi
By Naomi

What do you think about it ? What do you feel about insects ?


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