#JeSuisCharlie : 13/08/2015 – Tel Aviv in Paris (Tel Aviv sur Seine)

CamScanner-New Document 1-S10650d30D40V20F20400P10-001

“At least the ambiance is well imported”
“Fortifications and siege engines : we are under attack!”

Tel Aviv on seine was supposed to be a cultural event during the summer season. It was supposed to promote Tel Aviv as a city of culture and youth. But because of the conflict between Israel and Palestine there where a lot of protests against it. To my knowledge however  those where not threats at all but the city of Paris enforced a strong police deployment. So strong that there were more cops to protect the site than protesters doing a peaceful counter-event next to the first one…
This was absurd and a proof of how irrational the French authorities become about Israel/Palestine.

At least it was a good representation of the situation and the tension between those countries : some situations are caricatures in themselves…


Certaines situations sont des caricatures en elles-mêmes…

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