Lives at sea : Galleons

My grandfather was a fisherman and I remember those stories he has told to us since we were kids. Facing the waves at large, longing the coasts of Iceland…
I’m pretty sure he has had a large influence on some of the passions I have today. Someone would just have to hear some of the things we would want to do, or to see us listen to him talking about his memories, to notice our gaze almost as emotional than his.

His life makes me shiver of wonder and fright, it makes me think about those lives that where made or undone by the seas.

A galleon riding a raging sea

I can’t help but be amazed by the wonders of courage and ingenuity it took for the first explorers to go were the believed no one had ever been (Even though they were wrong more often than not and despite the horrors they made possible). On that point the galleons mark an upheaval since they were the first ship to be built especially to resist the difficult conditions of the ocean and to be both used for freight and war.

Thank you for watching this, and if you want me to draw a famous ship sometime, you can tell me in the comment section below.

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