Lives at sea : Viking ships

My grandfather was a fisherman and I remember those stories he has told to us since we were kids. Facing the waves at large, longing the coasts of Iceland…
I’m pretty sure he has had a large influence on some of the passions I have today. Someone would just have to hear some of the things we would want to do, or to see us listen to him talking about his memories, to notice our gaze almost as emotional than his.

His life makes me shiver of wonder and fright, it makes me think about those lives that where made or undone by the seas.

A viking ship

When speaking about ships and explorers, vikins are the firsts to pop in my mind. They are one of my passion but they were also creators of an amazing technological wonder : their ships. they were ahead of their times..

With those they went as far as America 4 centuries before a certain impostor 😉

There are different ships with different names depending on the use but none of them are called DRAKKAR as we say in France. This is a stupid name and this is wrong!

Thank you for watching this, and if you want me to draw a famous ship sometime, you can tell me in the comment section below.

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