Drawing challenges by Tangomiva #14 : Plethora

Every time, 1 new compulsory theme, 3 mindsets, 3 ways to show it.

Drawings done by Eva, Naomi and ThatRestlessPlatypus.

#14 : Plethora

Eva : This drawing has to do with the new school year, meeting many new people, being always surrounded by people, in a crowd of students, listening to teachers, writing line after line. plethora of meets and informations. I drew this during class with this ambiance using pens and a few colored pencils I had.

Naomi : When I heard about the subject I directly had cats, dogs or rabbits in mind… To me plethora of animals is heaven but to some it can be a nightmare. Also I wanted to try watercolors for the first time, that’s why it looks a bit sketchy.

That Restless Platypus : I’ll let you have your own interpretation on this one. I will only say that I took the subject in a very personal manner and that I worked much more on the symbolism than on the form. Just one other thing : Books ❤

By Eva
By That Restless Platypus
By Naomi

Thank you for watching this.

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