#JeSuisCharlie : 13 November 2015 – Paris has been hit by terrorism… again


After this night in Paris, blood will wash away,the sound of bullets will fade away. Maybe, but some flames will burn stronger, clearer and they will spread even more…

(the flame is the symbol of France’s far right party)

This was a terrifying night for any person with a bit of compassion. But now, even though it seems to be over I’m even more scared by the things I hear from a lot of persons. Whether they are stupid or usually kind but scared, many of them seem to turn toward the dark side. I’m not talking about the cool and fictional one. I mean the one that whant us to close our doors and borders, the one that whant to let real people die because it thinks that one of them might be as dangerous as we are.

I’m afraid this act of terror we’ve seen tonight will only push more people toward hate and intolerance and I’m certain that nothing good can come out of it.
We are living something terrible here, why do we want to reject those who came to flee the same horror somewhere else ? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to use this to connect and act together?

Have you heard about it ? What do you think ?

Thanks for reading this and for thinking about it.
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