#JeSuisCharlie & Syrian people & libanese & everyone I don’t think about right now : 13 November 2015 – Fallouts


“We now have 2 choices :
We can all try to pull the cover to ourselves
or we can get together to extinguish this flaming anger”

With what we heard today, I’m scared that all of this is going to lead to a very vicious circle.

What will happen when fanatism and stupidity are on both sides of a conflict ? At least now they are still some people preaching for peace, love and understanding (advertising for A perfect Circle right here), but do you really think that far right parties and populism would listen to this part of any population ? with elections upon us the stakes are high.

What do you think ? Might this terrible night in Paris change something in the political landscape in France and Europe ? Can fear make us forget about compassion ?

Thanks for reading this and for thinking about it.
Comment this post, share it or like it, here or on facebook by clicking right here but above al, don’t forget that those refugees we don’t want at our door endure everyday what we experienced yesterday.


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