Experimentation : About devoted knights in tales

A lot of stories in literature are about a brave knight saving a defenseless princess with no backstory. I often find them dull and a bit annoying but I’m not sure they all are the proof of any disregard or bad opinion about women.

Can’t some of them simply be stories written by lonely hung-up guys ?

He’s there, alone in his empty home, trying to imagine himself as worthy to be loved by some oblivious girl he knows. He would need to be brave, to be beautiful, to be smart and eloquent. He would have to imagine himself as all that he is not… On the other side his princess is there already, he doesn’t have to create everything : she is perfect already, why taking the risk of spoiling her perceived perfection by recreating her persona.

She only need a reason to notice him now. And so, the knight has to endure many trials but in the end she does the most important part of the story : She sees him. And I can assure you, for the poor lonely writer of the story, this is an effort greater than every challenge the knight has to face.

Well, anyway, that’s my take on that…


What do you think about it ? Are you annoyed by the dull depiction of feminine characters in many stories ?

Anyway thank you for reading this and if you want to be the most important part of my story, you are free to like and comment here and on our facebook page.


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