Experimentation : Introspection

Drawing is a cathartic activity, one I often use to turn my brain off when I’m stressed out. But it’s also a good support on which to construct thoughts.

This drawing is about introspection, about trying to get some sense of perspective from ones self to better explore the realms of inner self and context.

I won’t explain the entirety of the drawing but the vanitas in the middle isn’t there to evoke a desire of thanatos. It is first of all a reminder of the temporarily of existence and its relative futility. Ti is also there to represent the inalienable frontier between an individual’s fundamental identity and everything that will adapt to the environment. It is from this inner source that flows the stream of creativity that makes the world alive and worth seeing…

Now, I’ll let you search and imagine every symbol you can see in this drawing all by yourself but don’t hesitate to comment to tell me everything about it or about your conception of introspection.


Thank you for reading this. I would be very interested in knowing what you think of it and you can always like our facebook page to be notified when we publish something or to see other inspiring stuff we saw.


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