Drawing challenges by Tangomiva #22 : Attachment

Every time, 1 new compulsory theme, 3 mindsets, 3 ways to show it.

Drawings done by Eva, Naomi and ThatRestlessPlatypus.

That Restless Platypus : My drawing represents how, to me, attachment and affection can keep me grounded in reality (which can be hard for me sometimes) and how they help me try to express emotions and exchange thoughts. This is actually an happy drawing even though it doesn’t fells like it.

Eva : Attachment between two people. Are the hands moving closer or further away from each other ? The vulture looks like a bad omen but it is in fact an animal that lives with his wate all his life. It is a game about the ambiguity of attachment : both good and bad emotion.

Isn’t it funny how Naomi’s drawing has parts of both our drawings in hers ?

Naomi : My drawing represents the scary aspect of offering ones heart without knowing what we’ll get back : Suffering or Happiness.


29 Attachement
By that Restless Platypus
29 Attachement nao
By Naomi
29 Attachement eva
By Eva

How do you see the concept of attachment ? Is it a good or a bad feeling ?

Thank you for reading this!

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