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Panorama : A moment at the beach

Approximately a year back I went to the beach with a good friend. It was early in the year but surprisingly underpopulated considering  how warm the weather was. If not pleasant (due to the multitude of human bodies) the view at the beach always is made interesting by the visuals effects of the sand and water, the diversity of colors when  parasols are presents, boats and the flat landscape that stretches to the sky.

But people’s behavior is one more thing  that makes the beach interesting. It seems to be one of the few places where many are fully aware that they are themselves objects in the sight of someone else. Because of that some of them act in funny ways. On this particular day it seemed to be the case with a very theatrical young woman. Seeing her I started to wonder and imagine in which situations anybody would naturally do the same gestures she did.



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Panorama : A place in the fog

This was originally for one of the challenges but we changed the subject before finishing it. I think that ths panorama is a compilation of different places I’ve seen during the end of last year.


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