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#JeSuisCharlie & Syrian people & libanese & everyone I don’t think about right now : 13 November 2015 – Fallouts


“We now have 2 choices :
We can all try to pull the cover to ourselves
or we can get together to extinguish this flaming anger”

With what we heard today, I’m scared that all of this is going to lead to a very vicious circle.

What will happen when fanatism and stupidity are on both sides of a conflict ? At least now they are still some people preaching for peace, love and understanding (advertising for A perfect Circle right here), but do you really think that far right parties and populism would listen to this part of any population ? with elections upon us the stakes are high.

What do you think ? Might this terrible night in Paris change something in the political landscape in France and Europe ? Can fear make us forget about compassion ?

Thanks for reading this and for thinking about it.
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#JeSuisCharlie : 13 November 2015 – Paris has been hit by terrorism… again


After this night in Paris, blood will wash away,the sound of bullets will fade away. Maybe, but some flames will burn stronger, clearer and they will spread even more…

(the flame is the symbol of France’s far right party)

This was a terrifying night for any person with a bit of compassion. But now, even though it seems to be over I’m even more scared by the things I hear from a lot of persons. Whether they are stupid or usually kind but scared, many of them seem to turn toward the dark side. I’m not talking about the cool and fictional one. I mean the one that whant us to close our doors and borders, the one that whant to let real people die because it thinks that one of them might be as dangerous as we are.

I’m afraid this act of terror we’ve seen tonight will only push more people toward hate and intolerance and I’m certain that nothing good can come out of it.
We are living something terrible here, why do we want to reject those who came to flee the same horror somewhere else ? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to use this to connect and act together?

Have you heard about it ? What do you think ?

Thanks for reading this and for thinking about it.
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#JeSuisCharlie : 21 September 2015 – Saudi Arabia is now head of a consultative panel at the UN’s Human rights council


“Between taking a head and giving rights the choice is simple.”

Seriously WTF ?

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#JeSuisCharlie : 26 September 2015 – Politician Nadine Morano talks about France as a white race country

"We can call her a dounce but she might like it"
“We can call her a dounce but she might like it”

On Saturday, right wing politician and former minister (shame on us) Nadine Morano talked on air about her vision of France and refugees. Between other atrocities, she described France as a white race country. To talk about race is already bad if you are in the extreme right party but it’s even worst if you belong to the former government  and first party of opposition (which she does).
The saddest thing is that this kind of speeches is more and more usual since it’s and easy way to get people to talk about you… And most public figures seem to prefer to get people talking about them than make them think. This isn’t going to help with integration problems…

Samedi Nadine Morano est passée à l’antenne pour parler de sa vision de la France et des réfugiés. Entre autres horreurs elle a decrit la France comme un pays de “race blanche” au dela du terme “race” qui est insultant en soit, il est incroyable qu’un membre du premier parti d’opposition et une ancienne ministre ose proferer de telles paroles.

Le pire est que ce genre de discours est de plus en plus courant car il permet de se faire de la pub facilement… Clairement il est plus simple de faire parler que de faire reflechir.

En tout cas tout ça n’aidera pas avec les problèmes d’integration et je ne serais pas étonné de voir ces mots servir de legitimation à de prochains actes de violence.

What do you think about a minister talking like this ? What is the dummest thing you ever heard from a politician ?

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#JeSuisCharlie : September 2015 – The french governement has decided to act against ISIS

Is this what it means “when we say that justice is blind”?

Since the beginning of war in Syria [Before ISIS, because yeah there already was a civil war between the forces loyal to Bachar El Assad and the rebels (not Star Wars rebels btw)] more than 300 000 people died. No one had been able to do anything. But now we “understand” that there is a link between war, terrorism, refugees and dead children on beaches and the French government has decided to act and what to cut the roots of evil…
But which ones ? And how do we choose our enemy between two regimes known for the deaths they caused ?

I know this is a difficult decision to make but I can’t help but wonder…


Depuis le début de la guerre en Syria (Avant même l’arrivée de Daech il y avait déja un conflit entre les forces loyales à Bachar El Assad et ses opposants) Plus de 300 000 personnes sont mortes sans que personne n’intervienne (A part BHL pour se faire de la pub). Mais maintenant que nous comprenons enfin le lien entre la guerre, le terrorisme, les réfugiés et les enfants qui meurent sur des plages le gouvernement Français est décidé à agir pour couper les racines de ce mal!
Mais quelles racines ? comment choisir lesquelles couper quand elles causent toutes deux tant de morts ?

Je sais que la décision est compliquée mais elle amène quand même à la reflexion…

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#JeSuisCharlie : May 2015 : When ISIS took Palmyra.

“I don’t know who this Aurelian is, but not only am I the conqueror of Palmyra I’m also a king among A-holes”

In may 2015, 2000 years after the Emperor Aurelian, ISIS marched on Palmyra.


En mai 2015, sur les pas de l’empereur Aurélien presque 2000 ans plus tôt, Daech s’empare de la cité de Palmyre.

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#JeSuisCharlie : My thoughts on ISIS

Advice to I.S.I.S : Sometimes you need to use a long forgotten tool to let your favorite toys cool down…

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#JeSuisCharlie : March 21 2015 – This tide didn’t submerge everything after all

“The tide of the century did not happen but I’m still starting to feel sea-sick.”

This day was supposed to be memorable for two reasons : the marine tides were at their climax and the current politic tide of a growing xenophobic french party “FN” led by Marine Lepen was feared to lead to it taking over some regions during the elections.

Luckily this wasn’t the case.

This Marine tide did not happen but the other one was very enjoyable.

Have you ever heard about FN where you live ? Were you aware of  the tide of the century ? Did you see it ?


Nous étions supposés connaitre deux marées du siècle aujourd’hui, heureusement  la vague bleu Marine n’a pas eu lieu.

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#JeSuisCharlie : 13/08/2015 – Tel Aviv in Paris (Tel Aviv sur Seine)

CamScanner-New Document 1-S10650d30D40V20F20400P10-001

“At least the ambiance is well imported”
“Fortifications and siege engines : we are under attack!”

Tel Aviv on seine was supposed to be a cultural event during the summer season. It was supposed to promote Tel Aviv as a city of culture and youth. But because of the conflict between Israel and Palestine there where a lot of protests against it. To my knowledge however  those where not threats at all but the city of Paris enforced a strong police deployment. So strong that there were more cops to protect the site than protesters doing a peaceful counter-event next to the first one…
This was absurd and a proof of how irrational the French authorities become about Israel/Palestine.

At least it was a good representation of the situation and the tension between those countries : some situations are caricatures in themselves…


Certaines situations sont des caricatures en elles-mêmes…

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#JeSuisCharlie : 17/08/2015 – Pork crisis in France ( la crise porcine en France )

CamScanner-New Document-Q20a10F00L20010U20530S10-001(1)
“How to revive the economy and our finances when our pigs cost us so much, get fat and give us so little back”

Parfois les problèmes me rappellent plus les politiciens que la situation elle-même.


Some problems when described reminds me more of politicians than of the situation described itself.

There has been a large crisis in France about the price pigs breeders have to sell the beasts to hypermarkets. There actually are a lot of crisis in France about prices and amounts of money in different domains. One of them is how much politicians get since some of them are among the highest paid in Europe and we have a lot of them.