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Soon I’ll be back in Spain for a few day so I thought that it might be time to put this one here.

It reminds me of a very good period last year when I had the chance to travel a bit in France and Spain and to see some of my best friends.

Luckily next month might be similar, which makes me very impatient. I’m often frustrated not being able to see my best friends more than once or twice each year but that also makes it more special when it happens.

So yeah, can’t wait!




Drawing challenges by Tangomiva #14 : Plethora

Every time, 1 new compulsory theme, 3 mindsets, 3 ways to show it.

Drawings done by Eva, Naomi and ThatRestlessPlatypus.

#14 : Plethora

Eva : This drawing has to do with the new school year, meeting many new people, being always surrounded by people, in a crowd of students, listening to teachers, writing line after line. plethora of meets and informations. I drew this during class with this ambiance using pens and a few colored pencils I had.

Naomi : When I heard about the subject I directly had cats, dogs or rabbits in mind… To me plethora of animals is heaven but to some it can be a nightmare. Also I wanted to try watercolors for the first time, that’s why it looks a bit sketchy.

That Restless Platypus : I’ll let you have your own interpretation on this one. I will only say that I took the subject in a very personal manner and that I worked much more on the symbolism than on the form. Just one other thing : Books ❤

By Eva
By That Restless Platypus
By Naomi

Thank you for watching this.

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