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Prague – part 2 (far from over)

This week I’ve read a book I hadn’t thought about in a long time and I was in a nostalgic mood, so I thought about Kafka. Well, almost everything makes me think about Kafka so it wasn’t really unexpected but anyway…

Kafka made me think about Prague and Prague made me want to post this drawing. To me it is a good representation of why this city is stuck in my head since I’ve been there in February. It is grandiose, beautiful and for my entire stay I could feel something hovering over my head, something great. The castle of course was almost always in my line of sight. Reminding me of the incredible ingenuity men can demonstrate : assembling rocks to build cathedrals or words to write novels. I could see the narrative written by Kafka unfolding in front of me. I could feel the mutual influence between him and the city.

And with that I could feel his influence on me. In Prague I was feeling at home yet far from it. There is a word for the later in French ” dépaysé “.

It is strange how comfortable and easy it can be to just let myself slip into this imaginary world that feels like it was made just for me. A world in which imagination and “spirituality” play a greater role than the pragmatic reality. It is strange how it can feel more real in a new environment that helps you notice it than in everyday life when you just tend to forget.

Reality is what you feel and interpret as much as what there is to perceive. That makes life absurd yet unique for everyone.


Don’t you feel it sometimes ? Don’t you often see memories and ideas appearing while watching something, wonderful or not, that could just be meaningless?


Indivisible clouds

I made this drawing as a commissioned work for someone I used to co-work with.

I really like this kind of drawings with dots. The symbolism of a multitude of insignificant, rough, most basic and imperfect little things, ; created by the contacts of two opposites : the dark ink of a pointy pen and the white, immaculate and smooth piece of paper. All this absurdity, put in a larger perspective to create meaning.

The line has meaning, the letter does to. They have shape and intention. But the dot isn’t even placed with premeditation. It is only the momentum that made it exist, and it is the same momentum that will make it bland and invisible in the mass.  But despite all of it, it gives texture, meaning and a certain “beauty” to the ensemble.

I hope to be a dot…


Portraits : Choleric – Humors 2/4

A long time ago I painted 4 self-portraits based on the concept of Hippocratic humors. Recently I wanted to revisit the concept by adding some personal symbolism.

Here is the Bilious part of me.

I’m not very prone to anger or aggressiveness so there must be something boiling inside right ? A storm inside maybe ? Or I could just be incredibly calm and contemplative…


Thank you for looking at this.

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Experimentation : Selene


Did you miss me ? Well maybe not but I’m back anyway.

Here is something I did this week, using almost every second of the free time I had. It’s actually quite long to draw a black sky with dots only.

Let’s say that it is an homage to my muse and to another one : CJ Hendry whose work I adore.


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