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A reminder from Paris

Here is a little reminder from a recent weekend I’ve spent in Paris with one of my best and oldest friends.


I found this view of the eiffel tower vey fitting since it’s taken from the Palais de Tokyo where we were the night before for a DJ set.

But mostly, to me, it would represent how influential he was, and still is. Being one of the triggers for my newly found outgoing personnality.  Making me face and confront at least some aspects of reality, and generally helping me better myself while I’m still as annoying as ever 😀

Obviously, I was just trying to illustrate a good moment and a nice view when I started it but we can always find new meanings to our creations right ?


Street=Art : Pau

During my succession of travel this summer I went to Pau, a city in the south west of France.


There I’ve spent some time with one of my best friends who owns a page about how she discovers the city day by day since she moved there.

You really should take a look : The city is beautiful and the blog is both interesting and very educational. Actually she wrote an article about the castle you see in my drawing

It is called Pau 365 and you can visit it right HERE

Be sure to give her a like!


I really loved the visit of this castle. What about you ? Do you know Pau ? Ever visited this place ? Anyway thanks for visiting our page, you can always like our facebook page to be notified when we publish something new!


Street=Art : Lyon

One year ago I moved to Lyon for work. Since then I really learned to find this city gorgeous. Moreover there are a lot of things to do and there are an infinity of beautiful places to draw.

Obviously I’m a big fan of the Fourvière’s Basilica which is visible in both drawings.

Really you should come and take a look.

Observational drawing of the “quais du Rhône” by That Restless Platypus
Semi-observational drawing of the Fourviere’s Basilica by That restless Platypus

So, what about you ? Have you ever been to Lyon ? Have you even heard of it ? Anyway, Thanks for watching this. Check our facebook page, like it and you’ll be notified whenever we publish something new!

#JeSuisCharlie : 13 November 2015 – Paris has been hit by terrorism… again


After this night in Paris, blood will wash away,the sound of bullets will fade away. Maybe, but some flames will burn stronger, clearer and they will spread even more…

(the flame is the symbol of France’s far right party)

This was a terrifying night for any person with a bit of compassion. But now, even though it seems to be over I’m even more scared by the things I hear from a lot of persons. Whether they are stupid or usually kind but scared, many of them seem to turn toward the dark side. I’m not talking about the cool and fictional one. I mean the one that whant us to close our doors and borders, the one that whant to let real people die because it thinks that one of them might be as dangerous as we are.

I’m afraid this act of terror we’ve seen tonight will only push more people toward hate and intolerance and I’m certain that nothing good can come out of it.
We are living something terrible here, why do we want to reject those who came to flee the same horror somewhere else ? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to use this to connect and act together?

Have you heard about it ? What do you think ?

Thanks for reading this and for thinking about it.
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#JeSuisCharlie : 26 September 2015 – Politician Nadine Morano talks about France as a white race country

"We can call her a dounce but she might like it"
“We can call her a dounce but she might like it”

On Saturday, right wing politician and former minister (shame on us) Nadine Morano talked on air about her vision of France and refugees. Between other atrocities, she described France as a white race country. To talk about race is already bad if you are in the extreme right party but it’s even worst if you belong to the former government  and first party of opposition (which she does).
The saddest thing is that this kind of speeches is more and more usual since it’s and easy way to get people to talk about you… And most public figures seem to prefer to get people talking about them than make them think. This isn’t going to help with integration problems…

Samedi Nadine Morano est passée à l’antenne pour parler de sa vision de la France et des réfugiés. Entre autres horreurs elle a decrit la France comme un pays de “race blanche” au dela du terme “race” qui est insultant en soit, il est incroyable qu’un membre du premier parti d’opposition et une ancienne ministre ose proferer de telles paroles.

Le pire est que ce genre de discours est de plus en plus courant car il permet de se faire de la pub facilement… Clairement il est plus simple de faire parler que de faire reflechir.

En tout cas tout ça n’aidera pas avec les problèmes d’integration et je ne serais pas étonné de voir ces mots servir de legitimation à de prochains actes de violence.

What do you think about a minister talking like this ? What is the dummest thing you ever heard from a politician ?

Anyway, thanks for reading this!
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Drawing challenges by Tangomiva #12 : Perseids

Every time, 1 new compulsory theme, 3 mindsets, 3 ways to show it.

Drawings done by Eva, Naomi and ThatRestlessPlatypus.

#12 : Perseids

That Restless Platypus : This one is easy, it is where I was during the Perseids meteor shower.  My exact position was at the top of the tower in the foreground. I spend a part of the night watching the night sky in this castle (Queribus) in south of France and it was amazing!

By Eva
By Eva

Do you look at the stars sometimes ? Where were you during the Perseids meteor shower in the first half of august ? Did you see a shooting star ?

Thanks for reading this!
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